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Our founder, William Percival Carpenter
Our founder, William Percival Carpenter
Family Owned & Operated Since 1946

Carpenter Die Casting Limited has a history bound with strong family ties. The company was founded by William Percival Carpenter, a tool and die maker who patented a washing machine water pump and sold it to Canada’s appliance industry starting in 1946. Since then, Carpenter Die Casting has become a business that offers solutions for manufacturers and small businesses that require small volumes of diecast parts.

A Passing of the Torch

Currently owned and operated by 4th generation family member, Mr. Bill Carpenter, Carpenter Die Casting Limited continues the family tradition of providing quality diecast parts for a wide range of industries. We use aluminum and zinc to mold parts designed for client-specific needs. Bill, much like his grandfather who started the business, emphasizes quality, new and better developed solutions, and bringing parts to clients at the lowest costs. Bill’s son Hunter is the 5th generation at Carpenter Die Casting and places an importance on environmental and social governance. He believes in operating the business as sustainable as possible, and also giving back to the community through various fundraisers and sponsorships.

Environmental Sustainability

Carpenter Die Casting is a forward-thinking environmental company. Before “being green” became a buzzword in today’s industry, Carpenter Die Casting was using (for over 50 years now) a unique cooling system at its plant. The fountain in front of the building is not just for decoration purposes, but underneath it is a 100,000 gallon water storage tank where rainwater from the roof gathers, making up for the losses from evaporation. From the tank, the water is pumped throughout the plant to cool die-casting machines and dies.

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